Get the best of both worlds with Shady Maple’s home-cooked meals, whether you cook it yourself or we do it for you!

Looking to make your dinner unforgettable? Explore our selection of meats, including delicious ham, to elevate your meal to the next level.

Try our freshly made in-house deviled eggs if you’re craving a delicious snack. These mouth-watering treats are a must-try for anyone who loves a good egg dish. Don’t miss out on this delectable opportunity to indulge yourself!

Deviled Eggs $3.99 6-pk.

Indulge in our scrumptious, homemade carrot cakes. We take pride in our carefully crafted recipe that will leave you wanting more. Give it a try, and you won’t regret it!

Carrot Delight Cake 8″ $10.99

Carrot Delight Cake 6″ $6.99

Double Layer Half Carrot Cake $7.99

Double Layer Whole Carrot Cake $14.44

Discover a vast array of popular Easter candy options with our extensive selection!

Get ready to cook your favorite dish with the freshest veggies available at unbelievably low prices. Shop now to make your meal even more delectable!

Looking for a delicious cake? You’ve come to the right place! At our bakery, we offer a wide range of options to satisfy your sweet tooth. Choose from our selection of pre-made cakes or design your own masterpiece according to your taste. Our cakes are made with the freshest ingredients and are sure to leave you wanting more.

Easter Week Sale Sneak Peek

Offers below are valid ONLY March 27 – April 2

Kunzler Spiral Sliced Half Hams (Red Foil) $3.44 lb.


Kunzler Whole Boneless Hams $3.24 lb.


JF Martin Semi Boneless Half Hams $3.24 lb.


JF Martin Whole Boneless Ham$3.14 lb.


White or Wheat Dinner Rolls – Easter Dinner Must! $1.94 12 pk.

Our In-House Made Plain Paska Bread – Ukrainian Easter Bread $2.64 Round


Our Bakery Made Hot Cross Buns 6-pk. $2.44


All Hershey’s Easter Candy 9.1 to 10.1 oz. $5.49


Asher’s Fine Chocolates  $15.99 lb.


Asher’s Sugar-Free Fine Chocolates $16.99 lb.

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