A large selection of food and drink!

Unlimited drinks where everyone can enjoy an array of beverage options according to one’s preferences; this is part of our unique dining experience at no additional cost.

At Shady Maple we have food choices for a diverse range of tastes and dietary needs. Having a large assortment of drinks only enhances the dining experience. Keep hydrated at no additional cost!

Browse some of our drink selection below.

Juice & Fruit Cocktails

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride 100% Orange Juice

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride 100% Apple Juice

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride Cranberry Juice Cocktail (No High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride Lemonade (No High Fructose Corn Syrup)

Peach Grove Citrus Juice

Kiwi Strawberry Juice

Orange Juice

Grape Juice

Tropicana Lemonade

Tropicana Fruit Punch

Brisk Raspberry Iced Tea

Tea Central Sweet Iced Tea

Pink Lemonade

Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Orange Lemonade

Fruit Punch

Enhanced & Sparkling Water

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride Enhanced Water – Tropical Mango (0 calories per serving)

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride Enhanced Water – Kiwi Strawberry (0 calories per serving)

Florida’s Natural Growers’ Pride Enhanced Water – Blueberry Raspberry (0 calories per serving)

SoBe lifewater – Yumberry Pomegranate

Bubly Lime Sparkling Water

Bubly Raspberry Sparkling Water

Raspberry Kiwi Low-Calorie Flavored Water


Dr Pepper

Diet Dr Pepper

Mug Root Beer

Crush Orange

SoBe lifewater – Yumberry Pomegranate

Mtn Dew

Diet Mtn Dew

Starry Lemon Lime Flavored Soda

Diet Pepsi


Birch Beer

Pepsi Wild Cherry Soda

Pepsi Zero Sugar

Schweppes Ginger Ale

Reading Draft Creamy Red Birch Beer

Reading Draft Diet Root Beer

Reading Draft White Birch Beer

Reading Draft Sarsaparilla

Reading Draft Vanilla Cream Soda

Reading Draft Black Cherry

Cappuccino & Coffee

Hot Coffee

Hot Decaf Coffee

Nitro Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Mocha

Cold Brew French Roast

Thin Mint Cappuccino

Irish Cream Cappuccino

French Vanilla Cappuccino

Salted Caramel Cappuccino

Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon Vanilla Cappuccino

Peanut Butter Cappuccino

Coffee Creamers

Half & Half

French Vanilla

Sweet Cream



1% Milk

Chocolate Milk