A janitor provides and maintains an exceptionally clean and attractive facility for customers and employees that meets or exceeds health and safety requirements.  Main duties include the removal and disposal of trash and cardboard, maintaining the restroom facilities, assisting in the cleanup of spills, and laundering company aprons, towels, etc.

Job Function & Duties:

  • Utilize sprayer and commercial, automatic dishwashing equipment in the washing of tableware, kitchen supplies, and small equipment.
  • Wash pots and pans manually.
  • Perform related duties e.g. retrieving, cleaning, and replacing bussing carts and storing tableware, kitchen supplies, small equipment, and pots and pans following washing.
  • Utilize wheeled carts in the storing of silverware and dishware in the dining room.
  • Perform duties related to the dishwashing area e.g. stocking, routine cleaning, organizing, removing trash to dumpster, etc.
  • Wipe counters in kitchen area and around buffet lines.
  • Monitor, maintain, and clean the restrooms both the customer and the employee restrooms.
  • Clean up spills in the kitchen, buffet area, dining room, etc.
  • Launder the company aprons, towels, mop heads, mitts, etc.
  • Utilize written and verbal communication to communicate with co-workers in order to facilitate the smooth transition of job duties from one shift to another.
  • Perform other reasonable duties as assigned by the management.
  • Lift and/or carry objects light to occasional medium weight as per United States Department of Labor definitions.
  • Follow company health and safety expectations and all department standards, policies, and procedures.

Job Skills:

  • Skill requirements are learned by on the job training by the company.
  • Teamwork

Physical Requirements:

  • Be on your feet for an extended amount of time
  • Be able to move with alacrity and walk
  • Must be able to lift and/or carry objects light and medium weight

Shady Maple Proudly Offers:

  • Every Sunday Off – We Are Closed on Sundays!
  • Competitive Industry Wages
  • $3/hr bonus every Saturday
  • Positive Work Culture
  • Flexible Hours
  • Paid Birthday Off
  • Employee Discounts at all Shady Maple Businesses
  • Emerging Leader Training and Development & Advancement
  • Skill Development Training

Shady Maple Smorgasbord is hiring Dishwashers/Janitorial staff for a full-time and part-time position. All applicants must be available to work on Saturdays. Shady Maple invites you to pursue a career with one of Lancaster County’s marketplace leaders. Family owned by the Weaver Family since 1970, Shady Maple offers a variety of employment opportunities to fit your goals and lifestyle.