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Shady Maple Rewards

Easier than ever to save money!


  • Get one FREE Smorgasbord meal after purchasing 13 prescriptions at the Pharmacy
  • $2 off at the Smorgasbord for every $100 spent at the Farm Market
  • 10% off the next Deli purchase for every $50 spent at the Deli
  • Registered business & nonprofit accounts get 5% off when swiping the card in-lane

How does it work?

Enjoy low prices with or without the card. Your card earns rewards every time you shop.

How do I earn rewards?

Points add up automatically after each shopping trip. Check the bottom of your receipt for your current rewards balance.

How do I redeem my rewards?

Once achieved, you can redeem your reward for 

FREE by using your card on the qualifying purchase. 

No need to print coupons.