The History of Shady Maple

The History of Shady Maple

A Family Tradition

Simple Beginnings

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Z. Martin (Miriam Weaver's parents) originally started selling produce in a roadside stand located in front of their home (located directly beside the current Farm Market). The stand, located under the large Maple Trees, is where the name Shady Maple Farm Market originated.

The First Building

In July of 1970 the Weavers took over the family business and opened the first block building to sell produce. At the same time they teamed with IGA and installed a grocery department. Overhead garage doors enhanced the 'farm market' experience. The Shady Maple business began now with two cash registers and a few employees.

Early Expansion

In the fall, customers were already pouring in and the Weavers decided to make some changes to better serve their customers. The garage doors were removed and air conditioning was installed. A year later a stock room was added and 25 people were now on the company payroll.

The Decade of Growth

By 1980 the farm market consisted of 45,000 sq. ft, included 10 cash registers, 130 employees, an in-store bakery, large warehouse and a small food-lunch counter.

Shady Maple Cafeteria

In the spring of 1982 the Weavers launched a large expansion and remodel of the farm market. Once it was complete the store would total 70,000 sq. ft. in size and include The Fast Food Cafeteria. Mr. Weaver had worked in a hospital cafeteria for two years and with the skills and concepts he recognized he could successful add a new cafeteria tie-in to the Shady Maple. The new cafeteria eatery would seat 100 people, and the entire store would now employ up to 240 employees.

Era of the Smorgasbord Begins

In July 1985 Shady Maple entered a new business: the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. The concept of 'all you can eat for one price' took off in a new restaurant building with over 300 seats. The Smorgasbord on the top level of the building, and the lower level included a gift shop and fast food restaurant. The Smorgasbord was incredibly successful and within a short amount of time, as popularity grew, a one to two hour wait was not uncommon.

Smorgasbord Growth

In April of 1989 the Smorgasbord building was enlarged and doubled in size. It was now home to 180 employees and a seating capacity of more than 500 people. Even with the expanded building the word of mouth about Shady Maple grew and the customers continued to flock and create lines of hungry customers.

Farm Market Remodel

In 1992, a year long remodel of the Shady Maple Farm Market took place. Upon completion the grocery store now totaled 110,000 sq. ft. with a large entrance foyer. On the second floor a new office facility was built as well as a state of the art bakeshop. The expanded bakeshop employed over 60 people. The in-store cafeteria was expanded to seat 250 people.

A New Smorgasbord

In September 2000 a brand new Smorgasbord building was opened. Located on the same Shady Maple complex, the new Smorgasbord building was now approximately 110,000 sq. ft in size, with two large levels. The top level include the Smorgasbord which could now seat 1,200 people, while the lower level included a large gift shop and Fast Food Dutchette.
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Banquet and Conference Center

In 2005 an addition was added to the Shady Maple Smorgasbord. A Banquet and Conference Center was added to the upper level. Now, everything from weddings, to business conferences, to large family gatherings can now enjoy the Shady Maple experience. A catering division that took Shady Maple 'on the road' was created and operated out of the Banquet Center. On the lower level of the Smorgasbord, the Gift Shop was now expanded to over 44,000 sq. ft. and the Fast Food Dutchette was expanded as well.

Grocery Remodel

In 2010 the Shady Maple Farm Market went through a remodel that revitalized the grocery shopping experience. A new Shady Maple Cafe, Customer Service Center, restrooms, entrance and more added to the great product and shopping.
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Being Thankful

Today, Shady Maple employs more than 750 people and founder/owner Marvin Weaver is quick to acknowledge that his management team and employees play a vital role in making the businesses successful. The employee's commitment to friendliness and service make the Shady Maple Companies a positive shopping and dining experience for everyone. The Weaver family feel greatly indebted to all the people from local and distant communities for their faithful patronage. Ultimately, Marvin and Miriam, their sons, Phillip, Curtis, Linford, their wives and families give the Lord Jesus Christ the glory for any success that has been accomplished over the years. They invite all of you to a visit and enjoy Shady Maple.